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At-home dental care

One of the cornerstones of good dental hygiene in pets is a solid home dental care routine! Luckily, there's lots of options available to help pet owners keep their pet's teeth healthy.

  • Brushing: Just like for humans, toothbrushing is the most effective method of cleaning the teeth at home. The mechanical action of the bristles helps remove plaque, and enzymatic toothpaste formulated for pets helps break down bacteria. Finger brushes are a toothbrush alternative that have similar benefits!

  • Dental wipes: Wipes are great options for pets whose gums are extra sensitive or who dislike the bulkiness of a toothbrush! They contain similar ingredients that target bacteria and foot particles, and the woven pattern of the wipe is great for catching plaque.

  • Water additives: These products are the easiest to use because they can be added right to your pet’s water bowl. The ingredients in the additives help remove bacteria and prevent plaque buildup as the pet drinks.

  • Dental treats: Many dental treats provide the benefit of both enzymatic breakdown of bacteria as well as mechanical breakdown from chewing!

  • Prescription dental diet: Several prescription dog food brands carry kibbles that are designed to promote dental health. The large kibble size encourages thorough chewing and the specially-formulated texture helps scrape plaque off the teeth while the pet chews. Ask us today if a prescription dental diet is right for your pet!

  • Bones: The scraping action of chewing on bones can remove some plaque buildup, but it’s important to acknowledge that there’s also a risk of tooth damage. Raw bones are extremely hard, so chewing on them can lead to fractured teeth. If you choose to give your dog raw bones as a treat, make sure they are supervised! In general, if you can’t indent the toy with your fingernail, the toy may be hard enough to risk causing tooth damage. Cooked bones can splinter easily and are not recommended due to the potential for injuries.

Visit our online pharmacy to see our full array of home dental care options!


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