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Carbondale Animal Hospital


 You can expect a punctual appointment conducted efficiently and with plenty of time allotted for your questions and concerns. We are pleased to offer estimates for appointments of any kind to help you prepare for an unforeseen expense.



Each individual on our team is enthusiastic about furthering their education as well as improving and expanding their skill set. You can rely on our staff to provide you with informed guidance and perform every task with confidence. 



Building relationships with our clients is the best part of the job. Your pet is not just a patient, but a friend we look forward to seeing. We hope you will find that our hospital breaks the mold and offers warm and inviting spaces to create a truly pleasant experience.  



Since 1985 Carbondale Animal Hospital has served the pets of the Roaring Fork Valley, offering outstanding veterinary care throughout it's long history. The philosophy of this small mountain town pet clinic has been steadfast and successful throughout the years; continually advancing compassionate veterinary care in a warm, welcoming environment. Carbondale Animal Hospital has been your home town Vet for many years, and our doctors hope to continue this tradition. 


As veterinary medicine progresses, we continue to develop more advanced diagnostic, medical, dental, and surgical technology. Carbondale Animal Hospital believes in blending all the capability of modern medicine with a practical, evidence based approach to patient care. 

Client communication is paramount to our mutual goal. We welcome your questions, concerns, and personal views regarding your pet's care. After all, you know your loved ones best. We truly believe that taking the time to know your family, your pets, and your goals will serve your pet in the best way possible.

We are thankful and dedicated to the wonderful and welcoming town of Carbondale, and are glad to continue offering not only

quality veterinary medicine and surgery, but also whatever aid to the community we can. We are glad to offer shadowing opportunities for our young community to better understand veterinary medicine. Carbondale Animal Hospital also

regularly supports the other amazing businesses, schools, events, charities, fundraisers, non-profits and other

organizations that make our town such a great place to live.


Carbondale Animal Hospital

289 Main Street

Carbondale, CO 81623

(970) 963-2826



To all the amazing loyal families and furry friends of Carbondale Animal Hospital: 


It is with great excitement and profound thanks that I send you all this letter. I have been practicing Veterinary medicine at Carbondale Animal Hospital for almost twenty years in this vibrant community of animal lovers; we have continued to serve, grow, and evolve with Carbondale. Staying true to my nature of straightforward candor that most of you have experienced, I wish to offer all of you my vulnerability as well: My love for this profession and the community of Carbondale and beyond will never diminish, however I must redirect my energies towards my wife, my son, and myself as well. I have significantly decreased my availability in a feeble attempt to refocus towards family and self, yet unfortunately I realize that it's just not enough. As a result, I am taking on a new role at Carbondale Animal Hospital. I will remain the owner and will not be selling the clinic in the foreseeable future. From now on, I will continue only in an administrative, collaborative, and advisory role. 

With whole-hearted trust and confidence, I am empowering Drs. Bonnie Abercrombie, Oneal Bogan, and Lindsey Brooks as Hospital Directors. These amazing Veterinarians will be running ALL the operations of Carbondale Animal Hospital. The addition of invaluable staff members over the years; Michelle Gorton, Jessica Gerot, Zoe Schein, Ashlyn Smith, Teanna Allen, Erica Saueressig, and Macy Plano has brought an elevated level of customer service, empathy, and compassion that I know will endure. 

I will continue to be involved in a supportive and advisory role. Our community could not be in better hands, and I personally would not entrust anyone other than this team of DVMs with the lives and wellness of all our beloved pets. These empathic and compassionate women will be the driving force that continues the exemplary level of medicine we offer at CAH. I can't wait to see how they elevate the services and community support beyond what I could possibly imagine. The level of medicine, knowledge, communication, and care that they already provide is exceptional. It very thankfully allows me to place my responsibility to our community's pets in their capable hands with absolute and enduring confidence. I consider the Drs. and Staff of Carbondale Animal Hospital my extended family and am so proud to continue to offer our valley the best of care in the best of hands. Thank you for all your support and the amazing relationships we've developed over the years. 

With confidence, love, and thanks 

- Dr. Ben Mackin, September 2022

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